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Wahl and Case

2-26-8 Jingumae, 4F Shibuya-ku

150-0001 Tokyo



Wahl and Case

  • Active since 2010
  • 50+ employees

Tokyo-based Wahl and Case specializes in discovering, placing, and retaining the best tech talent for the most innovative companies. We're damn good at it. Our expertise, extensive networks and deep, deep relations with innovative companies, especially startups, allow us to deliver world class value again and again.

Tweets from Wahl and Case:

  • EQIQ K.K. CEO, Wahl+Case founder Casey Wahl on CNN today! https://t.co/nq4XSYNK67 - 06 okt 2019
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  • 【NEW BLOG】今回Wahl+Caseでインタビューさせていただいたのは、ウォレットアプリ「Kyash」の事業を展開している株式会社Kyash CEOの鷹取真一さん。記事の前編では、Kyashのめざす世界観や起業に至った経緯を… https://t.co/pbVsXYECMF - 25 sep 2019
  • How much Japanese-language skill do you need to work in Japan? #workinjapan #wahlandcase https://t.co/z9pRGjdaQo - 16 sep 2019

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