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New Horizons Global Partners

Anyuan Rd. No. 1, 4/F, Jing’an District

200042 Shanghai


+86 21 6066 2151

New Horizons Global Partners

  • 50+ employees

New Horizons Global Partners drives global expansion for ambitious companies. As a leading international expansion partners, we ensure new international locations of your business are up-and-running in record time, and at low cost.

Our most popular expansion solution is serving as your global Professional Employer Organization (‘PEO’). This means your on-site staff is managed by one of our local subsidiaries: We take care of the payroll and tax obligations in the country of expansion.

The key benefits of a global PEO are: 

  • No need to set up a local entity, such as a company 
  • The fastest route to doing business in a new country 
  • Cut administrative hassle, focus on your business hustle 
  • Full compliance with all local laws and regulations

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