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9/F, Somptueux Central, 52 Wellington Street

Central Hong Kong


+852 - 3752 0559


  • Active since 2011
  • 21 - 50 employees

FocusCore is a business services advisory company dedicated to helping you stay focused on your core business. With offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Yangon, we support international clients throughout Asia with recruiting, business-entry and business process outsourcing services. By entrusting these non-core functions to us, you can re-focus your resources on your strategically vital business tasks.

We provide business support services in three key functional areas: recruiting, business-entry and business process outsourcing. All three require deep local knowledge and connections that international companies operating in Asia may lack. All are resource-hungry time-sinks that can distract from your main business priorities – but only if you try to handle everything in-house. We offer a way shed non-essential functions so that you can re-focus on what is essential.

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